Biodiesel To Help Power U.S. Leg Of Volvo Ocean Race


NEWPORT, R.I. (May 11, 2015) – The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is a supporting sponsor for the Newport Stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race, providing blends of biodiesel for use on the Volvo Ocean 65 race boats and in all of the diesel generators and vehicles associated with the shoreside facilities. The use of biodiesel, a domestically produced, clean-burning diesel replacement, contributes to the efforts by the Newport Stopover to obtain certification by Sailors for the Sea as a “Platinum Level” Clean Regatta.

Through this sponsorship NBB hopes to promote the use of biodiesel in all energy sectors, including on-road and marine transportation, heating oil, and electricity.

“Biodiesel stakeholders are excited to take part in this much-anticipated international regatta,” said Paul Nazzaro, NBB Program Manager. “It seems fitting that America’s first advanced biofuel will be featured at the U.S. leg of the race, where sustainability is such a prominent theme. Biodiesel has been America’s cleaner burning choice to power trucks, buses, boats, and most recently, to heat homes reliant on home heating oil. Our entire team is excited to share the many benefits of biodiesel over the course of this extraordinary event.” 

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that is produced to ASTM specifications from an increasingly diverse mix of resources, including agricultural oils, recycled cooking oil, and animal fats. It is the first and only EPA-designated “Advanced Biofuel” to reach commercial-scale production in the U.S. This means that biodiesel reduces greenhouse gasses by more than 50 percent when compared to petroleum diesel. It can be used in all diesel engines without modification and blends directly with marine diesel to produce cleaner burning fuels for the coastal and offshore environments.